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Experience Enhanced Panel Building Efficiency with MODSIM Software

At Modutec, we understand the importance of efficient design and specification processes in panel building. That’s why we have developed MODSIM software, a powerful tool that simplifies the panel building journey and empowers our customers to streamline their operations.

Key Features of MODSIM Software

MODSIM software offers a step-by-step guided design process, making it easy for users to specify their GA (General Arrangement) drawings. The software prompts users to select the necessary components and accessories required for their panel assembly, ensuring a complete and comprehensive design.

With MODSIM software, you can bring your panel designs to life. The software generates a 3D image of your design, allowing you to visualize the final panel assembly and verify its suitability before moving forward. This feature ensures accuracy and minimizes errors during the design phase

MODSIM software enables the generation of 2D images of your panel design. These images serve as valuable references for assembly and installation, providing clear instructions for component placement and wiring.

MODSIM software automatically generates a detailed bill of materials for your panel design. The BOM includes catalog numbers, item descriptions, quantities, rates, and amounts, providing a comprehensive overview of the required components and their associated costs.

MODSIM software is designed to seamlessly integrate with manufacturing processes. The software provides output in AutoCAD format, which can be directly fed into CNC punching or
laser machines, streamlining the manufacturing workflow and reducing manual errors.

Generate Bill of Materials

Create Development Drawings

Get Accurate Catalog IDs

Configure Panels in 3D

MODSIM Plus Software for Licensed Users:

For licensed users, we offer MODSIM Plus software, which provides even more advanced capabilities. MODSIM Plus allows the development of non-signature BOM (Bill of Materials) parts for local manufacturing. It provides AutoCAD format output, facilitating CNC punching or laser machining processes for the production of specific components.

MODSIM Pro Software (Coming Soon!)

We are continuously evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the panel building industry. In collaboration with a third-party electrical CAD software provider, we are currently developing MODSIM Pro software. MODSIM Pro will integrate mechanical and electrical aspects, enabling
seamless collaboration between different switchgear and component makes. This major advancement will further simplify and enhance the panel building process. At Modutec, we believe that technology can greatly improve efficiency and productivity in panel building. MODSIM software exemplifies our commitment to providing innovative solutions that streamline processes, save time, and ensure the highest level of accuracy.
Contact us today to learn more about MODSIM software, discuss licensing options, and discover how it can revolutionize your panel building experience. Let Modutec be your trusted partner on the path to panel building efficiency and success.

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