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Experience Versatility with MODDIS Modular Enclosures (Form 3 to 4B)

Elevate your switchboard enclosure systems with MODDIS – a versatile solution meticulously tested and verified to IEC 61439-1,2&3 standards for low voltage switchboards. Born from over 40 years of innovative thinking, extensive R&D, and rigorous testing at globally recognized test stations.

Product Highlights

MODUTEC modular enclosures stand out as the most versatile switchboard enclosure systems at an excellent price point. Shipping sections of panels rest on a modular base frame, facilitating free-standing lineups that are easy to transport section-wise. Additionally, we offer advice through our Partner program to further standardize and simplify panel building.

A three-bend profile, punched, pierced, and tapped for quick assembly, flexibility, adaptability, and versatility. Available in 2400mm length pieces or smaller sizes starting from 180mm.

A four-bend profile that enhances the strength of the switchboard. It bears the weight of the switchgear and bus bars, not the walls as in conventional welded designs. Available in 2400mm length pieces or smaller sizes starting from 180mm.

An aluminum alloy, pressure die-cast component that forms the corners of switchboard shipping sections. It also aids in ensuring earthing continuity in the panel lineup.

 MODUTEC LV Profiles (Frame Bars FB & Cross Bars CB) are crafted from 2mm Electro-Galvanized Steel, offering a combination of steel strength, zinc protection, and aluminum stability. This results in an outstanding product that respects both the environment and the natural beauty of steel.

MODDIS enables the standardization of height, width, and depth, empowering scalability and productivity.
Compatible with all major brands of breakers, providing seamless integration into the MODUTEC modular switchboard enclosure system.
A range of panel accessories and bus bar support systems are available, allowing you to tailor your setup to your precise needs.
All doors are reversible, offering the flexibility to switch from left-hand side (LHS) to right-hand side (RHS) and vice versa, depending on your configuration requirements.
MODUTEC enclosure systems come with a range of accessories and bus bar support systems suitable for either 6mm or 10mm thick bus bars.
You can mount up to 7100A copper or up to 5000A aluminum bus bars with supports capable of handling fault levels as high as 120kA for 1 second or 50kA for 3 seconds.

Flexibility Redefined

Two vertical modules can be altered (even on-site) to form one larger module and vice versa. The MODUTEC enclosure system is Faster, Flexible, and Fairly priced.

Unlike other modular models, MODUTEC allows the Panel Builder to shear (piece) the length of the Frame Bar or Cross Bar into smaller lengths (pieces) as needed. This significantly reduces inventory, ensuring work is never constrained due to the unavailability of specific profile lengths.

Choose MODDIS for unmatched versatility, adaptability, and efficiency in your switchboard enclosure systems. Your journey to a faster, flexible, and fairly priced solution starts here. For a complete understanding of our offerings, including detailed specifications, refer to our product catalog.

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