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Enhance Efficiency and Reliability with MODPFC

Achieve Safety, Simplicity, and Reliability with MODUTEC MV Basic Kit Experience a new standard in medium voltage switchgear solutions with MODMED. Our MODUTEC MV Basic Kit redefines indoor switchgear assemblies by providing unmatched user safety, simplicity, and reliability throughout installation, operation, and maintenance.


Pre-engineered solutions adaptable to Quality Panel Builders’ specific requirements.

Type Tested MV Switchboard for reliability, simplicity, and safety.

Designs adhere to ISO 9001 standards for quality, manufacturing, and testing.

MODSIM software automatically generates a detailed bill of materials for your panel design. The BOM includes catalog numbers, item descriptions, quantities, rates, and amounts, providing a comprehensive overview of the required components and their associated costs.

3D modeling and engineering calculations ensure straightforward maintenance.

Compactness achieved through Basic Kit and Power Module dimensions.

Standardized modules enable effortless part interchangeability.

Satisfy all electrical distribution needs up to 33 kV with innovative solutions.

Benefit from the synergy between the experience of MODUTEC and a leading MV switchgear manufacturer.

MODUTEC Basic Kit is Type Test Certified, fully compliant with IEC 62271-200 standards.

Appropriately fit CTs and PTs within the Cable chamber as needed.

Customize the Basic Kit to match your specific switchgear make requirement.

Accommodate the LV Chamber atop the VCB Chamber, ensuring segregation from the MV section.

Separate VCB, Bus Bar, and Cable chambers in an airtight manner, enhancing internal arc safety.

Choose between copper and aluminum bus bars for Bus Bar chamber.

Message from Our MD

“MODMED is the culmination of years of experience and innovation. Our modular approach, inspired by the best practices abroad, ensures that electrical and mechanical expertise come together to create optimal solutions. We focus on what we do best, and our partners focus on theirs. Together, we deliver the best value to our customers, backed by reliability, safety, and support.”

-Advanced Features-

 – Foolproof Interlock: Prevent closed breaker rack-in and rack-out with mechanical interlocks. 

– Independent Exhaust Ventilation: Ensure efficient ventilation for all high-tension compartments. 

– Automatic Shutter Protection: Cover live parts with automatic shutters during breaker rack-out.

 – Optional Bus & Line Earthing: Flexibility to include bus and line earthing switches. 

– Convenient Rear Cable Access: Easily access cable terminals from the rear of the enclosure. 

– Safety Assured:IP4x protection externally, IP2X between compartments, compliant with Internal Arc Classification (IAC) AFLR.

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