MODUTEC MV Basic Kit range is an indoor switchgear flat pack assembly that provides maximum user safety, simplicity and reliability during installation, operation and maintenance. It meets all electrical distribution needs up to 33 kV and incorporates a set of innovative solutions. With the combined experience of the MV Switchgear manufacturer and MODUTEC, we are now offering our MODUTEC Basic Kit with Type Test Certification/compliant to IEC 62271-200. We have developed draw out mechanisms, shutter assemblies and different types of spouts with investment in R&D, dies and fixtures for different makes of MV Switchgear.

Based on MODUTEC Panel Partner requirement a Basic Kit is either supplied as is per make of Switchgear or customized to suit the specific make requirement with

Modmed Modutec ready panels pvt Ltd
Modmed Modutec ready panels pvt Ltd
  • Indoor enclosure for the VCB with terminals extended into the Bus Bar Chamber on the one side and Cable Chamber on the other.
  • Provision is made to seat the Low Voltage Chamber on top of the VCB Chamber. The LV auxiliaries and monitoring unit are in this control compartment separated from the MV section.
  • Indoor enclosure for the VCB with terminals extended into the Bus Bar Chamber on the one side and Cable Chamber on the other.
  • The VCB, Bus Bar & Cable chambers are separated from each other in an air tight manner to empower the Internal Arc design with exhaust flaps in each of these chambers.
  • CTs and PTs as required may be fitted into the Cable chamber appropriately
  • Bus Bars of either copper or aluminium may be fitted into the bus bar chamber as per current rating specified.
  • Provisions for cable entry for top or bottom can be facilitated.
  • The entire enclosure being modular, it can be put into a flat pack while shipping, thus reducing freight expenses.
  • Any last-minute additions, like, of a surge arrestor, temperature scanner and so on can be relatively easily accommodated in comparison to a welded design of enclosure.
  • Ratings up to 4,000 A / 40 kA for voltages upto 17.5 kV range
  • Ratings up to 2,500 A and 31.5 kA for up to 24 kV range
  • Ratings up to 1250A and 26.3 kA for up to 33 kV
  • Compliant with Internal Arc Classification (IAC) AFLR
Our designs take care of, unless otherwise specified, the following:
  • When the door is in closed condition manual operations like ON, OFF, manual spring charging, Rack-in & Rack-Out can be carried out
  • Fool proof mechanical interlock to prevent rack-in and rack-out of closed breaker
  • Independent exhaust vent for all HT compartments
  • Live parts are covered by automatic shutters when breaker is racked out
  • Bus & line earthing switch are optional.
  • Separately lockable shutters for bus and cable side.
  • Access to cable terminals from rear.
  • Bottom lifting arrangement for panel.
  • The breaker cannot be closed in-between test and service position.
  • The breaker compartment door cannot be opened when the breaker is in service position or in between service & test positions.
  • Fully compartmentalized construction with IP4x degree of protection externally and IP2X between compartments.
  • Pre-engineered and adaptable solutions that can be tailored for the Quality Panel Builder’s specific requirements.
  • The heart of the MV Switchboard is Type Tested and therefore spells Reliability, Simplicity and Safety.
  • These offerings are compliant with the Design, Manufacturing and Testing standards as laid down by ISO 9001.
  • Design parameters, clearances &creepage distances & mechanical endurance is ensured through 3D modelling and engineering calculations and physical tests.
  • These render the Switchboards simple to maintain.
  • Compactness of the Panel is achieved thanks to the dimensions of the Basic Kit and Power Module.
  • The standardized modules provide for ease of interchangeability.
  • Spares are available and at economical prices.
  • Accessories like Earthing Switch, Truck and VCB Trolley are also available as required.
  • The design of the 11kV Basic kit is compliant with AFLR Internal Arc requirements. This adds to the enhanced safety to staff and operators.
  • The design also contains provisions in the Breakers with the possibility of integrating the final MV Switchboard to a monitoring & control system.
  • Investments made by the Partner Panel Builder is optimized and the End User gets the advantage of the combined guarantees.
  • Prompt service support both pre-sales and post sales is available.
  • Type testing is done in accordance with IEC 62271-200
  • Limited and simple maintenance for years.
  • Easy installation thanks to compactness and similar design
  • Environmentally compatible, easy to recycle
Energy: HV/MV substations, MV/MV substations, power generation Infrastructure and Buildings: hospitals, airports, subways, railways, industrial& commercial buildings. Industries: oil & gas, metal & mines, marine, automotive, food & beverages.. Data centres
Please write to us about your interest to avail of this Basic Kit and we shall send you our qualification criteria for being our Partner Panel.

Type Tested MV Basic Kits in flat pack modular enclosures – – a note from our MD
I started business as an Electrical Stockist and then went up the value chain with Product solutions in terms of LV Switchboards. We further upgraded ourselves from making these in welded fabrication to a modular system. Having done this and experienced the advantages of the modular flexibility, adaptability and versatility, and when we went on to serve the Industry with 3.3kV to 33kV Medium Voltage Switchboards, we did these also in a modular design. With just 2 punched and bent profiles we were able to build the entire skeleton of the Switchboard and then embellish it with the partitions, bus bar supports and doors etc. This helped us simplify, standardise and scale our business both in LV & MV.

Moreover, when we studied the trend abroad, in advanced countries, we reckoned that the typical Panel Builder is focused only on his core competency of ‘electricals’ while he outsourced his requirements of ‘mechanicals’. In India too, Schneider are on the threshold of introducing the Prisma Switchboards with a HUB & SPOKE Model; ie a central point of Enclosure manufacturing and several Alliance Partners in different parts of the Country to assemble these Type Tested Enclosures with their switchgear.

If we study the growth of modular switchboard enclosure systems manufacturing companies like Elsteel, Cubic and Logstrup too, we will find that they are heavily ‘mechanical’ focused, while their Customers are all largely ‘electrical’ focused. It’s a WIN-WIN as each does most, what they do best. Economies of scale for each therefore bring out the best value for the Customer techno-commercially. The idea that struck us is why not replicate the same in Medium Voltage?

The majority of the MV Panel requirement followed a particular rhythm of compartmentalization, of Type Testing as per IEC 62271-200 and then the Internal Arc Test. Variants to these would be the double bus bar arrangement, the 2 tier VCB arrangement but these are in lesser frequency. However, these too could be catered to from our modular design concept to individual Panel Builder specification.

Rationale behind the MV Basic Kit and it’s augmenting simplifying panel building.

The Panel Builder ideally focuses on his core competency of ‘electricals’ while he outsources his requirements of ‘mechanicals’. The mechanicals are manufactured in MODUTEC which becomes the HUB of the HUB & SPOKE Model; ie a central point of Enclosure manufacturing and several Alliance Partners in different parts of the Country to assemble these Type Tested Enclosures with the respective switchgear.

The majority of the MV Panel requirement follow a particular rhythm of compartmentalization, of Type Testing as per IEC 62271-200 and then the Internal Arc Test. Variants to these would be the double bus bar arrangement, the 2 tier VCB arrangement but these are in lesser frequency. However, these too could be catered to from Modutec’s modular design concept to individual Panel Builder specification.

On close examination, we found that

    There are broadly 4 compartments in the MV Switchboard.
  • The VCB Switchgear compartment
  • The Bus Bar Compartment
  • The Cable Chamber comprising of the CTs, PTs and the cable termination area etc.
  • The LV Chamber which comprises of the Metering, Protection relays, etc.

The Internal Arc Test is mainly for the MV compartments of a, b & c above.

Each of the above 3 compartments had to be air tight to enable the gases generated from the possible internal arc in any of these 3 compartments, to open the respective pressure flap on top of the Panel. When & if this happens, the resultant gases are channelized out, thus protecting the blasting off of the Switchboard door and flying of parts, on to the operating personnel in front, rear and sides of the panel, to comply with AFLR internal arc classification.

We first separated our VCB into a separate air tight module as a “Power Module”. This comprised of the bare VCB as supplied to us by Schneider Electric. We then developed the draw out mechanism for this VCB with the shutter assembly and spouts to take the 3 poles of the VCB out onto the Bus Bar Chamber on top and the cable chamber below.

This VCB module sits on our modular frame at the bottom as well as at the back. The bus bar compartment on top is completely segregated by a sheet metal partition that keeps the section air tight and mechanically robust to help withstand the short circuit currents as required. Accordingly, the outgoing cable chamber automatically becomes air tight and internal arc fault ready.

Each of these 3 compartments are now ready as air tight parts of the MV Switchboard with the flaps on top to release the Internal Arc pressure, in the event of a fault.

Handling of internal arc situations does not get limited to designing the panel to withstand the internal pressure developed during such a fault, but also extends to the subject of disposing off; by carrying the arc products to a much safer place away from the people. This task will involve adding the arc ducts over and above the standard MV panel, to carry away the arc products and also to cool and absorb the arc energy as it travels in the arc duct. Design and supply of arc ducts to suit specific installation site conditions is taken up based on specific customer requirements.

Thus, the modular 11kV VCB Basic Kit emerged as a possibility. It can be shipped as a Flat Pack with the VCB and accessories separately packed. An instruction manual would then assist the Panel Builder in putting the MV Switchboard together along with the Breaker draw out mechanism, the shutter assembly, the spouts with a provision to mount the bus bars. In the cable chamber, then the CTs and as required PTs could also be mounted. On top of the VCB Power Module, the LT Chamber can then be fabricated/ sourced by the Panel Builder and mounted as this would be dimensioned on the height based on the number of relays and meters the specific project requirement would need.

The significant advantages & benefits that the use of the modular VCB Basic Kit would deliver to the Panel Builder are:

  • The Panel Builder need not have his own design of MV Switchboard design.
  • He does not have to even Type Test the Panel as the design is as per IEC 62271-200 and with Internal Arc certification .
  • He only needs to add the CTs, PTs, Bus Bars, LT Chamber with the required meters, relays etc and have the same duly wired as per the Customer approved scheme.
  • This would bring costs down, enhance speed in delivery and enable the value chain go up through his 3rd level of value addition with due customization.
  • The offer being modular in design and flat pack would enable Panel Builders across the Globe to avail of this offering with least freight cost.

So, what is being aimed at is to create the making of the MV Switchboard foray possible for the Panel Builder who desires to upgrade his manufacturing capability to include this range of switchboard offering as well. Thus, MODUTEC’s centralized mechanical modular Basic Kit manufacturing facility, can serve the needs of several Partner Switchboard manufacturers who could just assemble these flat packs in their facility. This would empower them to make available Type Tested MV Panel Enclosure systems, to reach their Customers without actually spending money in this expensive and specialized Type Testing.(

The further benefits of this arrangement would be that

  • The resultant sales of the MV Switchgear would go up in geometric proportions.
  • Basic Kits sale would also get enhanced significantly as there is huge value for money proposition in it.
  • The Panel Builder would be supported with prompt and off the shelf delivery.
  • Instruction Manuals would help the smooth installation of the Flat Pack system.
  • Educational marketing would be initiated at every significant partner factory to catalyse the comfort level of their teams in implementing this Basic Kit concept.

All this concept, simply emerged from a dream to reach MV as well as, of course, LV Switchboard solutions also to a larger electrical installation base in an organized, economical and authentic manner. Done well, this has the potential, we believe, to scale the Switchgear sales significantly and renders availability of the MV & LV Switchboard solutions through multiple partners to a larger and wide spread Customer base.

If you would like to know more about this concept, that’s evolving from 11 kV & up to 33kV and be part of our mission in Simplifying Panel Building, do get in touch with us at . It takes a lot to electrify India. And the un-electrified parts of our Country and also the world, can’t wait!

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