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System Integrators / Panel Builders

Modutec is on a mission to simplify panel building. Hence, we feel gratified when we see system integrators and panel builders use our modular electrical enclosure systems to improve lead times and empower on-time deliveries.

So, if you’re putting switchboards together to serve your customers anywhere in the world, don’t hesitate to get in touch with and let’s explore partnering.

Licensed Panel Builders (Hub & Spoke)

If you’re a panel builder with existing in-house fabrication, powder coating and gasketing facilities, and are interested in entering into a licensed panel builder agreement with Modutec, we are happy to audit and explore this possibility.

Once we’re convinced of this arrangement, for an annual fee, we offer to supply our signature components and train you to manufacture the non-signature components. All this gets done on our MODSIM software, which throws up the mechanical Bill of Materials and MODSIM Pro, which comes up with the development drawings of these parts in CAD format.

This can then be customised with cutouts as needed, nested and manufactured to exacting requirements. The big advantage is the savings in freight costs and adapting to changing customer needs during manufacturing and thereafter.

If you wish to supply these enclosures to your non-competing panel builders, we permit this under a special agreement that protects the interest of quality, reliability and service. The idea of this Hub & Spoke arrangement is to reach as many electrical installations as possible in the fastest way possible since prompt, safe and convenient electrical distribution can’t wait!

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Original equipment manufacturers of machine control panels, drive & automation panels, EV applications, power panels, APFC panels etc. need user application-defined GA drawings. Normally, the quantities required here are more.

We’ve created a dedicated vertical to work with such customers and offer panel air conditioning, internal partial mounting plates, customised clamps, etc., as appropriate. Continual co-creation of the enclosure with value engineering and innovative thought application is also a service we passionately offer. Contact us at

Authorised Distributors

It’s not done till it’s done. That’s why we need distributors. As a distributor, you don’t just stock, market and sell Modutec modular electrical enclosure systems but also understand our customer’s unique needs and offer the best solutions with appropriate modifications in your MOD CENTRE.

We also train our distributors on the MODSIM software, enabling you to arrive at the exact bill of materials required for a specific GA drawing. Moreover, each part in the BOM is marked with a barcode. This makes identifying the material very easy and brings accountability without missing a single part when you dispatch the order.

We provide product catalogues, assembly manuals and videos to support all our customers. We also conduct regular training programs, and webinars and offer online support for timely clarifications to enable a win-win-win for every stakeholder.

Authorised Agents

Modutec welcomes missionaries, evangelists and freelance agents to spread knowledge about the availability of these modular electrical enclosure systems to various parts of our geography. We train these agents in the techno-commercial aspects of our products, solutions and services to serve panel builders and OEMs in their region with a personal touch.

Would you like to join our Mission to simplify panel building? If yes, reach us at and let’s explore partnering.


End users appoint specifiers / electrical consultants with a brief of what they expect for their electrical installation regarding safety, reliability and convenience. The specifiers then articulate this in their tender specifications with a list of approved makes to make the requirement more specific and clear.

Modutec works closely with such specifiers by educating them about our products, solutions and services and how these can help them deliver the latest in enclosure technology with Modutec’s ever-evolving enclosure systems to their clients.

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