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Enhance Efficiency and Reliability with MODPFC

Optimize your power factor correction needs with MODPFC – a cutting-edge solution designed to boost the efficiency of your electrical systems.

Product Highlits

 Choose between copper and aluminum bus bar designs, allowing you to select the material that best suits your project. The main bus current rating supports up to 1250Amps, enabling support for up to 800kVAR at 440V. Higher kVAR ratings are available upon request to meet specific power correction needs.

Our design incorporates suitable detuned series reactors (7% / 14%), enhancing power factor correction efficiency. Customized Step kVAR ratings are tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance.

Dedicated models are available for contactor/thyristor switching, providing flexibility based on your switching preferences. Dual target power factor settings are possible, catering to both EB (Electricity Board) and DG (Diesel Generator) applications.

Enjoy peace of mind with degree of protection options available up to IP43. Form of construction is available up to 2b, meeting diverse construction needs.

Specifically engineered for building power factor correction panels, ensuring energy efficiency and performance.
Compatible with service voltages ranging from 380V to 690V, accommodating different electrical systems.
Equipped with a 50/65kA Short Time Current rating for 1 second, enhancing performance under short-circuit conditions.
Choose between natural air-cooled and forced air-cooled designs, allowing you to select the cooling method that suits your needs.

Detailed Information

For comprehensive technical details and specifications, please refer to our product catalog. Choose MODPFC for optimized power factor correction, enhanced safety, and flexible configurations in your industrial setup. Your journey to efficient and effective power factor correction starts here. For a complete understanding of our offerings, including detailed specifications, refer to our product catalog.

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