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MODUTEC are the manufacturers of modular switchboard enclosure systems. This flat pack and bolted solutions simplify Panel Building tremendously and offer peace of mind for the Switchboard manufacturer. It helps him standardize his Panel sizes to suit his requirements, systematize his business and scale for profitable growth. It eliminates the enclosures ever being a constraint in the manufacturing cycle, thereby enabling potentially, one’s top line today being quadrupled in just 2 years


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    • Calling Panel Builders, System Integrators & OEMs*,
    • Do you have a problem with ON TIME DELIVERIES (OTD)?
    • Would you like to optimize your LEAD TIME REDUCTION (LTR)?
    • Are there too many QUALITY ISSUES with your Panel Enclosures?
    • Do you want to BUY rather than MAKE your Switchboard Enclosures?
    • Would you like to SCALE your Business with STANDARDIZATION?
    • Are you wanting to UPGRADE your Panels to being SMARTER?

     If yes!

    Then you may want to consider allowing MODUTEC to transform the way you build         Panels!

    Do you like what you have read about in this website or heard about MODUTEC and        would like to know more?

    Write to us at modular@modutec.com or fill in this form and we shall get in touch with      you right away.

Partnering with Switchgear Manufacturers to win together!

We have an open offer to all Switchgear manufacturers to

  • Avail of our expertise in Type testing.
  • Avail of our Enclosure and Bus Bars with supports free of cost.
  • Supply to us your Switchgear for the Type Test free of cost.
  • Discuss with us on having the general arrangement design arrived at.
  • You pay the Type test charges and also pay to provide us with a Vendor Certification.
  • We then conduct the Type Test on your behalf and with you and win together.
  • All documentation, drawings and technical clarifications would be prepared by us.
  • The whole process would take roughly 6 to 12 weeks approximately in Indian Labs.
  • Every Switchgear manufacturer may want his differentiation in design which we           can accommodate as appropriate.
  • This then would become the Best Possible Modular Switchboard Enclosure System     at the most economical price!
  • What’s more, our structured educational marketing aids would be available for you  and through you for your Alliance Partners world-wide!!

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