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Why Modutec ?

Electrical Installations the world over are the heart of the entire project. The criticality of the project, the robustness, safety & convenience of the Switchboards therein therefore decides the quality of the installation. The maintenance, ease of service and trouble-free working of the Panels will then contribute to a venture’s profitability. Uninterrupted & smart electrical supply is very essential for such developments.

MODUTEC range of modular switchboard enclosure systems, empowers such solutionswith its simplicity, standardization and scalability. It is design verified and certified by third party ASTA, CPRI & ERDA test laboratories. The range is available both in aluminium and copper busbars, providing flexibility of selection to end users. It is the perfectly balanced design which offers compactness and cost-effectiveness, along with flexibility, adaptability & versatility that is unmatched.

Here are some of the distinct features, advantages & benefits of MODUTEC modular switchboard enclosure systems:

  • Enclosures are modular in construction and expandable in all three dimensions in multiples of a mere 30 mm. This 30mm modular system allows for more flexibility, adaptability & expandability with versatile features which make the entire panel building FASTER, SMARTER & BETTER!
  • Standardization of Panel Dimensions can be customised based on user needs which are generally dictated bymarket segments, Product range and Geography. MODUTEC 30mm system allows for a range of options that enable customer driven standardization.
  • The load bearing structures of the modular enclosures, namely the Frame Bars & the Cross Bars are made of electro galvanized steel ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion and can be powder coated as required.
  • These profiles are not just punched but pierced too, every 30mm, & tapped. This, apart from adding to the mechanical strength tremendously, also reduces the labour and lead time to put a switchboard together.
  • Based on the Customer standards, these profiles can be suitably stocked. Once the Engineering Drawings are approved for manufacturing, the frame and Bus Bar system for even a 20meter long Panel can be assembled in a few hours. Hence speed and precision of working allows the Panel Builder to enhance inventory turns and hence his profitability.
  • The process of putting the Enclosure together is fast, uncomplicated and with least labor. The Panel frame, fitment of Bus Bar systems and the assembly of the partitions, doors etc are all parallel activities. Hence, making the BOM available as a kit and assembling it in quick time allows for predictable On Time Delivery.
  • Further both the Frame Bar & the Cross Bar can be cut to size as required in multiples of 30mm at the Panel Builder’s facotry, a feature unparalleled & patented. This ensures that the Panel Builder never runs out of inventory of the profiles irrespective of sudden market demands.
  • The Switchboards are supplied in flat pack for ease of transportation, economy in freight and convenience in storage.
  • The Panels can be built in single front or double front configurations. The framework could be assembled in straight, L Shape or even C, E & G shapes as required based on site conditions. The resulting real estate savings to the end user, especially Builders is significant.
  • Versatile features that permit for modifications. For instance, we could merge multiple compartments into a single large one or the other way around even at site. So also, the door reversibility feature of a hinged door is possible from LHS to RHS and vice versa. Whenever, these features are required, it would help alter the configuration to suit the user convenience even at site!
  • Main Bus Bars positioning is enabled on top, middle or bottom. They have the possibilities to be placed vertically, horizontally or laterally both at the back or front of the Enclosure.
  • The design allows for multiple tier combinations of ACBs, MCCBs and access from front, back and sides.
  • All the Panel Doors are bent twice at the edges. This not only renders the doors mechanically stronger and with better aesthetics, but also enables precise gasket contact on the frame of the Panel, empowering a better IP protection, upto IP 54 for indoor applications.
  • The framework hardware used is allen bolt type which gives the best possible torque in its category, ensuring robustness & reliability.
  • The Forms of separation upto Form 4B Type 7 requirements for higher levels of safety, as needed for specific installations is rendered possible.
  • Dual shade colour combinations are possible taking the Panel design and differentiation to being unique, attractive and pleasing.
  • Type Tested to IEC 61439- 1/2 for LV & IEC 62271-200 for MV offering third party assurance in safety, reliability & user convenience.
  • Design compliant for special tests like Seismic Test as per IEC 68-3-3, Vibration test as per IEC 68-2-6 & IEC 68-2-36, Arc containment as per IEC 61641 standards etc.
  • Since the modular system has flexible accessories and adjustable dimensions, any make of switchgear can be accommodated. Even interchanging switchgear makes with door cut-out alterations in most cases, can be accommodated.
  • Designed to withstand up to 7100A current rating & 120kA for 1 sec short circuit.
  • Easily extensible on either side, makes the enclosure future proof.
  • Spacious arrangement for cable termination & appropriate support for cable routing with provision for BMS compatibility as required.
  • Detailed installation manuals are available to aid the Panel Builder put the Switchboard together using all the versatile features at the best possible cost.
  • MODUTEC make of standard Bus Bar insulators ensures completing the enclosure possibilities. A variety of combinations in insulators are available based on the configuration, rating and fault levels of the bus bar system required.
  • MODUTEC MCCB Pan Assemblies in TP & 4P upto 630A and 24 ways are also available, that are suitable for most leading makes of Switchgear and further aids in simplifying panel building.
  • MODUTEC Boxes of standard sizes are also available to complement the range of modular enclosures, thus facilitating the comprehensive completion of a Project’s enclosure requirements. These too are versatile in features and user friendly.

Many people tend to compare a conventional welded Panel construction with this advanced modular technology in Panel building and here are some of the

Myths clarified

  • Let’s start withmechanical strength; strength that is not only literal, but figurative as well. The frame of the modular floor-standing enclosure is made from electrogalvanized steel, with holes that are pre-punched, pierced and tapped before delivery so users will no longer have to do any welding or drilling when adding accessories. With MODUTEC, several frames can be attached to each other (whether it’s side to side, side to back, back to back, top to bottom, and more) so there is a seemingly infinite variety of configurations possible.
  • The primary function of the MODUTEC enclosure, is to protect workers and staff from the risks of issues with electrical equipment. The second purpose of a modular floor-standing enclosure is to protect the equipment itself from its surrounding environment. Whilst a welded enclosure offers the same protection as a modular floor-standing enclosure, the modular enclosure offers the added benefit of allowing an integrator, designer, or user to make more varied assemblies, ranging from the most basic to the more complex, according to their needs or requirements.
  • There are a number of differences, most notably physical, between welded & modular enclosures. First is the hinges or joiners. Almost all welded enclosures make use of piano hinges for the doors. But MODUTEC modular enclosures are different in their use of captive, discrete or distinct hinging which is not easily noticeable, allowing for better aesthetics. The entire floor or area will not only be cleaner and more aesthetically-pleasing, it will not look ‘dated’ as well. The plant area becomes more organised and looks more spotless and contemporary.
  • MODUTEC modular enclosures also offer more flexibility, especially when it comes to making future changes. If the unit needs to be changed or modified, it can be done with ease and convenience, in a much smoother and faster operation. If, by chance, there are any mistakes, these can be easily corrected with a modular enclosure compared to a welded enclosure.
  • Some think that since the walls of a modular enclosure are thinner than that of a welded enclosure, they are less sturdy or strong. This is entirely incorrect. The fact is, the overall strength of the modular enclosure does not come from its walls, but rather from its frame. This is because the load that is exerted on the modular enclosure because of the equipment’s weight is transferred to the enclosure’s vertical framing.
  • This is another misconception about a modular enclosure system – that a typical enclosure will consist of so many additional parts that need to be ordered separately in order for the enclosure to be fully assembled. The fact is that the MODUTEC enclosure consists of just two main profiles, the Frame Bar (A 3 bend punched, pierced and tapped profile) and the Cross Bar (a similar but 4 bend profile). Then the 8 corners are required as per catalog and hardware and joiner pieces to complete the frame. To these the partitions, hinged and bolted doors and base channel gets added as appropriate. These actually allow for easier installation since they are available as sub-assemblies.
  • Another related misconception about a modular enclosure system is that assembling them requires some special skill or knowledge. This is not true at all – whilst a little bit of work on assembly is necessary, the accessories of the system can be added on by anyone without any special training. With a welded enclosure, any modification would require more challenging work such as welding, cutting, or bending while with the MODUTEC enclosure, this is not necessary.
  • And coming to the all significant price comparison, the fact of the matter is that the price of both modular enclosures and welded enclosures do not differ greatly from each other. They are almost the same price, and, what’s more, if you use a welded enclosure, there are usually some hidden expenses as well. Also, a welded enclosure often has a shorter lifespan than a modular enclosure.
  • All Principal Companies having modular enclosure systems like Schnieder, ABB, L&T, Siemens and Legrand have make specific features. Unlike this MODUTEC is universal in its appeal thereby accommodating a PCC with varied combinations as required; an MCC with different types of Starters, VFDs and combinations thereof with least challenges and similarly with specific requirements like that of capacitor, UPS and even transformers.
  • MODUTEC have patented their unique offering. This differentiation delivers the distinction of simplifying panel building by the concept of “PIECE, PIECES, PEACE”. Unlike the above mentioned international Brands, the 2 types of MODUTEC profiles can be supplied to the Panel Builder in lengths of 2400mm to be Pieced by the Panel Builder in Pieces of lengths as required, powder coated or used as is, in electrogalvanized steel which gives him Peace as no Panel gets held up, on account of a particular length of profile not being available at the Panel Builder’s inventory.

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