Welcome to MODUTEC

MODUTEC are the manufacturers of modular switchboard enclosure systems. This flat pack and bolted solutions simplify Panel Building tremendously and offer peace of mind for the Switchboard manufacturer. It helps him standardize his Panel sizes to suit his requirements, systematize his business and scale for profitable growth. It eliminates the enclosures ever being a constraint in the manufacturing cycle, thereby enabling potentially, one's top line today being quadrupled in just 2 years.

This apart from the positioning amongst the top-quality Panel Builders, building trust and mutually beneficial relationships. Further, the MODUTEC opportunity is not just in Low Voltage, but also in Medium Voltage which expands further into MV Basic Kits & Compact Sub Stations as well.

MODUTEC also has standard boxes of different sizes with value added solutions like Pan Assemblies, Woehner Bus Bar systems, 9Electric Plugs & Sockets with a range of Bus Bar Supports, Flexi Copper Bar and other Panel accessories.

Constant R&D is on and in 2019 we shall be launching our Draw Out MCC / PCC design with world class safety features, flexibility and adaptability which are the trademarks of MODUTEC. And for the Panel Builder who can't wait, we offer ready kits to cater to requirements of PCCs, MCCs, ACB Panels, APFC Panels and so on as per their customized standards. These are in kits which are slated to be off the shelf.

Last but not the least, is for the Panel Builder who is willing to partner with MODUTEC, we can, post a detailed interview, quality approval & training, to be sign up for an Alliance Partner Certification. This will entitle the Panel Builder to buy just the MODUTEC Profiles and accessories, while making the Doors, Partitions and Plinths etc. as per MODUTEC standards at his workshop. Terms & conditions would apply, with a view to align with the Type Test Certifications and MODUTEC brand trust with the Customer.

Unlike other global modular switchboard manufacturers like Elsteel, Cubic or Logstrup, the patented concept at MODUTEC can be summarized in the phrase 'Piece - Pieces - Peace'. What is meant is that you can piece into pieces the 2400mm length of Frame Bar or Cross Bar to arrive at the exact lengths required in just multiples of 30mm, at factory and at site too. Hence for a Panel Builder in a remote corner of the world, if a 600mm piece Frame bar for instance is not available, in the other brands, he will have to wait till the piece gets shipped to him. In the case of MODUTEC, the 2400mm Frame Bar can be pieced into a 600mm piece so as to immediately tide over the shortage requirement, a feature that is a face saver!

MODUTEC is manufactured in Bengaluru, India and is available to be shipped worldwide. It is backed with ASTA, ERDA & CPRI Laboratories Type Test Certificates for both LV & MV for a range of Switchgear manufacturers. Should you require a specific Type Testing done, we can facilitate it and even share the cost, apart from offering free consultancy in getting it done.

As you browse this web site, we do hope you feel our mission to support Panel Builders worldwide. Our experience has taught us how important it is to differentiate oneself as a Panel Builder, offer solutions that add value in more ways than one and simply be SAFER, SMARTER & FASTER! Do get in touch and permit us to Simplify Panel Building for you.