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Dear Friends,

Our world is so much better year after year, thanks to the thinkers, the implementers and the advancement that gets accomplished. India and the world is continually moving to better technologies, conveniences and safety. Each of us hold the choice of being a history reader or a history maker!

When growth happens in any part of the world, the dictum becomes Faster, Safer & Smarter. The reason in MODUTEC’s context is that electrifying the world, can’t wait! Sustainability, value for money and right availability defines the brand, the attraction and the contribution to the Electrical Industry.

Innovative Thinking starts with the Customer, his need, desire & problem. If projects are to be completed in time & without nasty surprises, the constraints have to be eliminated. Enclosures in the switchboard industry and particularly the welded ones are a bane from a speed, quality and cost perspective.

MODUTEC Ready Panels Private Limited was hence launched in 2007. We have since supplied Modular Switchboard Enclosure Systems in LV and MV to discerning Panel Builders in India, Qatar and Dubai. These have been Type Tested repeatedly as per IEC 61439 Type 1&2 for LV and IEC 62271-200 for MV. The Panels are internal arc compliant.

The aim of MODUTEC is to simplify Panel Building with this modular concept and reach out to Global markets educating, training and enabling them to scale their Switchboards solutions businesses. Benefits will thus accrue to the Industry, Buildings, Infrastructure and OEM segments of users.

Always seeking to innovate, invent and initiate solutions so as to keep empowering lives in better ways, together.


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Our modular enclosures being flexible, adaptable and versatile, empowers the End User by accommodating structural changes in the switchboard, at any point in time!

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