To sustain ourselves in whatever we do, we need to first ensure that the environment we live in, our biggest stakeholder in business, is well taken care of this. It is important, not only for us but also for the future generations. This comes with taking responsibility.

In our businesses we utilize electric, mechanical and hydraulic power to name a few. Each of these cause side effects. Our intent and action has to corroborate to make the activity a little ‘greener’ every single day.

The same switchboard enclosures which we manufacture today, we used to do it 2 decades ago in a conventional arc welding method. The health of our own labour, leave alone the environment was getting affected. Something had to be done.

When we harbour such a thought in our mind, the subconscious takes over to manifest it! Thus, was born the MODUTEC Modular Switchboard Enclosure System in 2007. Welding was not just minimised to less than 10%, but we upgraded to CO2 welding and less polluting processes.

Our happy moment came when our long-term employee Mr. Girish, thanked the management in a shop floor meeting, expressing that he was able to breathe better now, that the welding approach was changed to a modular bolted design!

At MODUTEC, we believe that whatever we produce, we need to go beyond just profits. We need to consciously enable safety, conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and therefore do business in more sustainable ways. This shall always be the legacy we would like to leave behind.

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Our modular enclosures being flexible, adaptable and versatile, empowers the End User by accommodating structural changes in the switchboard, at any point in time!

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