The biggest showcase of the world of electricity, ELECRAMA brings together the complete spectrum of solutions that powers the planet. Featuring not just equipment & technology, but peerless thought leadership platforms for everything electric – from technical conferences to industry summits.

No other event packs in as much value as ELECRAMA does.

  • Largest congregation of power sector ecosystem in the geography.
  • Widest Choice of product and technology across the spectrum on display – over 221 Transformers, 321 Cables & Conductors, 202 Control & Switchgear, 113 Instruments & Instrumentation amongst others.
  • Presence of global majors to small scale manufacturers – the entire value chain to strengthen supply chain, logistics & vendor capability assessment.
  • Deeper & direct trade engagement with buyers and sellers through purpose-built events.
  • Preview new and upcoming product & technology, new specs & standards.
  • Explore investment opportunities & closer view of US$250 billion Indian Power Sector Opportunity.
  • Professional & peer networking across the globe and hierarchies through dedicated networking events.
  • Knowledge Sharing & Career Advancement through seminars, symposia and conferences.

MODUTEC was part of ELECRAMA 2018, conducted in Greater Noida, Delhi from March 10th to 14th. It was extremely well attended. We had Customers from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Johannesburg, Nigeria, Qatar, Dubai and so on visiting our stall apart from several Switchgear Manufacturers, Panel Builders and Electrical Consultants.

Our stall was located opposite the Iconic Infotec stall ( ) and we had a number of common Customers too. They were there to simplify panel building through the IT angle, making estimation, design and now even project management simpler. From MODUTEC, we seek to simplify Panel Building by partnering with

  • Panel Builders with a mission to help them standardize and scale their business with Type tested Modular Switchboard Enclosure Systems, air insulated bus ducts and a range of Pan Assemblies and Panel accessories to local and export markets.
  • MV Switchgear Manufacturers to supply Type Tested Flat Pack Basic Kits to their respective Panel Integration Partners in India and abroad.
  • Switchgear manufacturers to either co-market or brand our Modular Switchboard Enclosure Systems along with their Switchgear range.

There are a host of unique features that we have to offer the Panel Builder from MODUTEC, viz:

  • These Modular Switchboard Enclosure Systems are Type Tested to the latest standards so that safety, predictability & precision get guaranteed.
  • The Panel construction allows for tremendous flexibility and adapts to changing requirements of Customers.
  • The Enclosures are adaptable to accommodate any make of switchgear and control gear.
  • The Switchboards are supplied in flat pack for ease of transportation, economy in freight and convenience in storage.
  • Bus Bar Systems are made available with Short Circuit withstand capacity for different standard ratings as per various electrical installation requirements.
  • The process of putting the Enclosure together is fast, uncomplicated and with least labor.
  • All processes to Panel Building is done as a parallel activity, right from forming the Profiles skeleton to preparing the partitions, doors, base channel and the bus bar systems. Hence deliveries are very fast.
  • Modifications as required to either merge multiple compartments into a single large one & reversal too is enabled and even at site. So also, the door reversibility feature of a hinged door from LHS to RHS and vice versa.
  • Main Bus Bars positioning can be on top, middle or bottom. They have the facility to be placed vertically or horizontally and laterally or at the back of the Enclosure.
  • The design allows for multiple tier combinations of ACBs, MCCBs and access from front, back and sides as well as double front.
  • The Panels comply with all the IP and Forms of construction requirements as needed for specific custom installations.

The kind of customers who love our MODUTEC products are the ones who are serious about On Time Delivery, Lead Time Reduction and Error free execution in their manufactured product solutions. The Customer segments would largely comprise of

  • Panel Builders
  • System Integrators
  • OEMs
  • Switchgear Principal Companies to partner for our Enclosure solutions

These Customers would typically be in major cities in India as well as abroad.

Having been a Panel Builder who started operations as a Welded Panel Manufacturer in 1990 and then upgraded to a modular technology of manufacturing enclosures in 2000, we understand the pain and problems of a Panel Builder. We therefore, seek to Simplify Panel Building and offer the Switchboard manufacturer peace of mind. We work towards supplying their mechanicals, while theywould take care of the electricals; thus, each one focusing on their core competencies. This is the MISSION we at MODUTEC are passionate, committed and excited about.

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Our modular enclosures being flexible, adaptable and versatile, empowers the End User by accommodating structural changes in the switchboard, at any point in time!

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