MT Ready Kits for MCC, PCC, APFC Panels, Metering Panels & so on are like a sub assembly that’s off the shelf for a given standard design of requirement. In partnering with Panel Builders we shall strive to understand your areas of standardization and keep the ready kits in flat pack for your immediate consumption.

An example of how the MODUTEC Ready Kits could work for you in these respective standards for instance.

We have certain standard designs which we shall be happy to share with you on hearing from you. Every market in the world is different. But we are here to partner with you. For this we can customize these kits wherein the repeatability helps in keeping flat packs ready for consumption. This will reduce lead times, increase inventory velocity and aid Customer delight.

The idea is like the IKEA concept of DIY (Do It Yourself) furniture. As you plan to scale your business, you will need sub assemblies, ready kits and hence faster methods to meet and beat timeline commitments. Come; let us together develop which Ready Kits would serve your business better. Then stocking this at your end or ours to ensure your JIT (Just In Time) would evolve and so would your profitable growth!

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