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There is a lot of technology and opportunities that are coming in and in my opinion, India is a place for one to be in, at this point of time.

How was ELECRAMA 2018?
Elecrama 2018 - Modutec ready Panels Pvt Ltd
elecrama 2018 - Best Panel builders Modular enclosures

ELECRAMA was a good experience. It was extremely well organised with huge industry participation that made it a successful event. It was also good to see that India is attracting so much of energy, enthusiasm and enterprise in the electrical segment. We do hope that all this will add to the growth story of India.


What products were showcased at ELECRAMA?

We showcased a medium voltage basic kit in which we are alliance partners with Schneider Electric in our sister concern Load Controls. We had learnt a lot as far as how the medium voltage basic kit had to be put together in terms of the draw out mechanism of the VCB (Vacuum Circuit Breaker), the shutter assembly as well as the spout arrangement. All these come inside an enclosure which has provision for the bus bar chamber at the back, the CT and PT chamber at the bottom and provision to mount the low voltage chamber at the top of the VCB chamber. This helps a panel builder who is,maybe mainly in to low voltage switchboards, to upgrade to medium voltage switchboards as well. As of now, we have basic kits for Schneider and Eaton VCB switchgear which are Type Tested as per IEC 62271-200 for 26.3kA and 40kA respectively for 3 secs. Over a period of time, depending upon the need, we intend to expand on the availability of medium voltage basic kits of all VCB Manufacturers from this company called Modutec Ready Panels Pvt Ltd.

Another product that was launched during the event was MCCB incoming and MCCB outgoing pan assemblies. This is available both in triple and fourth pole versions and it is also customisable to any make of MCCBs.

Third product is the modular system of Modutec switchboard enclosures. These have been upgraded since the year 2007, by lots of R&D efforts that have gone into making it much more user friendly, much more faster to assemble, much more smarter in term of the accessories and the possibilities which is available for the insides. So we do expect that there will be a lot of demand for the Modutec modular switchboard enclosures systems because these are also IEC 61439 type tested.

GDP Growth - Modutec

How has been the market growth in LV and MV switchgears?

India is now projected to scale a GDP growth rate of 7 to 8 per cent this year and there area lot of industrial, infrastructure and buildings activities slowly coming up in different parts of the country. One does expect that there would be a lot of growth but there will also be a lot of turmoil as well. So, those who are able to sustain this kind of growth, they will definitely grow from strength to strength. There is a lot of technology and opportunities that are coming in and in my opinion, India is a place for one to be in, at this point of time.


What opportunities do you see for switchgear industry in the railway sector?

We see good opportunities in the sectoras not only are the railways expanding like they have never expanded before but we also have metros which are being introduced in almost all the major cities in India. So, certainly railways and metros are areas where one need to watch. Also, we have the defence segment expanding, lots of activities in the PSUs, governmental segments and renewable energy. Further, lots of airports are also being planned for in Tier 2 cities as well. I think, there is a lot of scope for growth and expansion.


Any initiatives taken from your side in the railway segment?

We are certainly in the process of getting ourselves registered with the Metro to start with and Railways is an area where we have not been present traditionally. It is an area of opportunity which we will need to explore.


What are your future plans for Modutec?

We are determined to focus on partnerships. So, at this point of time, we are looking at switchgear manufacturers who are coming into India and who would like to have a panel vehicle to move there switchgears into the various projects and for that they need an IEC 61439 approved enclosure system. We have the enclosure system, similar to those abroad like Elsteel and Cubic. In India, we do not have much of the presence of these companies and the main reason for that is India is comparatively a cost conscious market. We intend to position ourselves in this area wherein we are able to give a world-class modular enclosure system at the best possible price.

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