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Experience Efficiency and Reliability with MODDUCT

Transform your 3-phase + neutral air-insulated power bus duct applications with MODDUCT – a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance your electrical systems.

Key Features of MODDUCT

Choose from both segregated and non-segregated designs, providing flexibility to meet your specific needs. Our superior quality SMC/Polyamide bus bar holding insulators are designed to withstand an impulse level of 8kV.

With MODSIM software, you can bring your panel designs to life. The software generates a 3D image of your design, allowing you to visualize the final panel assembly and verify its suitability before moving forward. This feature ensures accuracy and minimizes errors during the design phase

 Prioritize safety with adequately rated double/single earth buses provided outside the enclosure, ensuring a reliable grounding system.

Tailored for 3-phase + neutral air-insulated power bus duct applications, optimizing performance and reliability.
Suitable for use between transformers and panels or within panel setups, offering flexibility in your electrical configurations.
Compatible with service voltages ranging from 380V to 480V, ensuring adaptability to different electrical systems.
MODKIT enables the creation of composite panels with ACB incomers and MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker) or SFU (Switch Fuse Unit) outgoings, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs
Equipped with a 50/65kA Short Time Current rating for 1 second, guaranteeing reliable operation even under short-circuit conditions. Other STC ratings are available upon request.
Enjoy peace of mind with degree of protection options extending up to IP56. Achieve current ratings up to 6300Amps using high-quality aluminum bus bars.

Detailed Information

For comprehensive technical details and specifications, please refer to our product catalog. Choose MODDUCT for optimized 3-phase power distribution, enhanced safety, and flexible configurations in your industrial setup. Your journey to efficient and safe power distribution starts here. For a complete understanding of our offerings, including detailed specifications, refer to our product catalog.

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