MODUTEC Pan Assemblies for MCCBs are available from 4 wayup to 24 way in 3P & 4P for 250, 400 & 630A ratings.

  • Available up to 630A incomer and 24 ways TP / 4P outgoing
  • Safe design and compliant to IEC 61439 Part 1.
  • High breaking capacity up to 65kA for 1 sec or 25kA for 3 secs.
  • Can be customized for most brands of Switchgears.
  • Incomer can be direct cable lugs / MCCBs / Isolator Switch.
  • Flexibility can be provided for 2 Frame sizes in outgoing.
  • Shrouding provided for safety as appropriate.
  • Enclosure can be provided with metering etc as required.
PAN Assemblies Modutec Ready Panels Pvt Ltd
  • Other combinations and even 4P Outgoings available on request.
  • Compliant to 25kA for 3 sec or 40kA for 1 sec Short Circuit withstand capacity
  • Capable of Temperature rise within the limits stated in IEC 61439
  • Available in Standard and Customized Enclosures as required.
  • Outgoing MCCBs could be in diff fault levels and frame based on manufacturer.
  • Outgoing MCCBs could be Thermal Magnetic or Microprocessor based as per need.
  • Form of Construction of the Enclosure could be 3X Type 2 Segregation.
  • All Copper Bus Bars are tin plated and sleeved to R,Y,B & N Colors as required.
  • Earth Bus can also be provided as required.
  • Wide range of Extension Boxes available with Metering, Surge Protection etc.
  • Versatility possible in accommodating alternative frame sizes of MCCBs.
  • All Bus Bars and Live parts are suitably shrouded with transparent acrylic sheet
  • Blanking plates are provided to shroud the unused outgoing ways.
  • Ask for Price List along with T&C
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