MODDIS is extensively tested and verified to IEC 61439-1,2&3  for low voltage switchboards . All major brands of breakers, just fit perfectly into the MODUTEC modular switchboard enclosure system. It is the result of 40+ years of innovative thinking, R&D and continuous testing at recognized test stations to global standards.

Standardization of Height, Width & Depth is enabled that empowers scaling & productivity. A range of Panel Accessories along with Bus Bar support systems are available to choose from. All Doors are reversible from LHS to RHS and vice versa. Two vertical modules can be altered (even at site) to form one bigger module and vice versa. In short, the enclosure system is Faster, Flexible and Fair priced.

Unlike in other modular models available abroad, with MODUTEC, the Panel Builder can shear (piece) the length of the Frame Bar or Cross Bar into smaller lengths (pieces) as required for use. This tremendously reduces the inventory he has to carry and work never gets constrained for want of a specific length of profile which may not be readily available in his stock (peace of mind). This concept of “Piece – Pieces – Peace” is a Decisive Competitive Edge MODUTEC has.

MODUTEC enclosure systems come with a range of accessories and bus bar support systems. These supports are suitable for either 6mm or 10mm thick bus bars. Provision is available to mount up to 7100A copper or up to 5000A aluminium bus bars and with supports that can handle fault levels as high as 120kA for 1 sec or 50kA for 3 secs.

MODUTEC modular enclosures are therefore the most versatile switchboard enclosure systems at the best possible price. All shipping sections of Panels rest on a modular base frame which incorporates the possibility to join to make a free-standing line up and at the same time is easy to transport section wise. We also advise in our Partner program so many more standardizations that would help simplify panel building.

Modutec bus bar frame bar
Moddis Modular Enclosure Best enclosure form 3 & 4
Moddis Modular Enclosure Best enclosure form 3 & 4

Items that constitute the MODUTEC modular switchboard enclosure system

  • MODUTEC Frame Bar: A three bend profile that’s punched, pierced and tapped so as to make the assembly of the Switchboard quick, while being flexible, adaptable and versatile. The tapped holes are at a pitch of 30mm which renders the system to make Switchboards in multiple of 30mm in the X, Y & Z axis. These are available in 2400mm length pieces or in smaller sizes starting from 180mm.
  • MODUTEC Cross Bar: A four bend profile that provides for the internal forms of construction as well. It adds to the strength of the Switchboard as the weight of the Switchgear, Bus Bars etc are taken by this frame that gets built, not the walls as in conventional welded designs. These are available in 2400mm length pieces or in smaller sizes starting from 180mm.
  • MODUTEC Tripod: This is an aluminum alloy, pressure die cast and helps form the corners of the Switchboard shipping sections. It also aids in the earthing continuity of the Panel line up.
  • MODUTEC LV Profiles (Frame Bars FB & Cross Bars CB) are made from 2mm Electro- Galvanised Steel and can be delivered
    • i. as such for these Partners who would then carry inventory of typically 2400 mm length of each of FB & CB as required for the next 3 months.
    • ii. Or in cut lengths with or without powder coating as required. These could be for project based requirements along with a combination of inventory required as per that Panel Builder’s XYZ Standards adopted.
  • These profiles are a combination of the strength of steel, the protection of zinc and the stability of aluminium, which makes it an outstanding product in every way, respecting both the environment and the natural beauty of steel… forever!
  • Ease of working during bonding, cold forming, cutting, deep drawing, stamping and welding operations is enabled as required without the formation of rust as is the quality of the material.
Modutec modular enclosures

MT Profiles

Especially for Partner Panel Builders who have the infrastructure to do the Doors, Partitions & Plinths, we support you in advancing to the MODUTEC modular enclosure partnership. This also gives you the advantage of these being Type Tested Switchboards in both low voltage and medium voltage. It helps standardize, systematize, and scale your business, not to forget simplifying panel building for you!

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