M0DUTEC Mission & Message


Modutec Mission is to help Panel Builders & Switchgear Manufacturers get a decisive competitive edge when they use our Type Tested modular switchboard enclosure systems.

The kind of customers who love our products are the ones who are serious about growing their business, with top quality switchboard solutions for their discerning Clients.

Our modular enclosures being flexible, adaptable and versatile, empowers the End User by accommodating structural changes in the switchboard, at any point in time!

Unlike, conventional welded Panels, these modular enclosures are predictable in quality, features & delivery, thus enabling the Panel Builder position himself to being Faster, Smarter & Safer!


MODUTEC follows a regimen that combines Lean Manufacturing with the Theory of Constraints. Then in parallel we implement 5S, Kaizen and the Kitting philosophy to ensure that our work in progress is bare minimum. We conduct Operations meetings every morning in the Shop Floor, to review, clarify and identify constraints. This is supplemented by once in 45 days Strategic Meetings with the core team to discuss breakthroughs, breakdowns and chalk out the way forward for the next 45 days. Every week the tasks arrived at are followed through and the energy, focus and alignment keeps getting momentum. We record all this in the MODUTEC Way manual which is really our philosophy of working.

  • The Switchboards are supplied in flat pack for ease of transportation, economy in freight and convenience in storage.
  • Bus Bar Systems are available with Short Circuit withstand capacity for different standard ratings.
  • The process of putting the Enclosure together is fast, uncomplicated and with least labor.
  • All aspects of the Panel Building are done as a parallel activity from assembling the Panel frames to preparing the partitions, doors, base channel and the bus bar systems.
  • Versatile features that permit for modifications. For instance, we could merge multiple compartments into a single large one or the other way around even at site. So also, the door reversibility feature of a hinged door is possible from LHS to RHS and vice versa.
  • Main Bus Bars positioning is enabled on top, middle or bottom. They have the possibilities to be placed vertically, horizontally or laterally both at the back or front of the Enclosure.
  • The design allows for multiple tier combinations of ACBs, MCCBs and access from front, back and sides as well as double front.
  • The Panels comply with all the IP and Forms of construction requirements as needed for specific installations.