For Low Voltage Switchboard Manufacturers, the option of buying complete Type Tested modular switchboard enclosure systems is promoted along with the concept of buying only the modular profiles with the panel accessories with certain Partner agreements in place.

For Panel Partners abroad, the lure of MODUTEC is in its PIECE, PIECES, PEACE concept. This allows the Partner to stock his quarterly requirement of Frame Bars and Cross Bars in 2400mm length and in Alu Zinc material. When his Customer's requirement drawing gets approved, he takes a PIECE, and shears them into the length PIECES he requires at his workshop. This gives him PEACE of mind as his manufacturing does not get held up for want of one particular length of profile, which could be out of stock or could become a requirement because of a last-minute Customer change. Being in another part of the world, this convenience helps him serve his Customer with On Time Delivery, Lead Time Reduction and at an unbeatable cost!