At MODUTEC we understand the need for precision, consistency and predictable quality. We build these as our guiding philosophy in manufacturing.

We have a full-fledged fabrication facility with CNC Turret Punch Press, Press Brakes, Power Presses, Welding machines of CO2, Stud welding along with a number of jigs, fixtures and way of working built in. This is backed by a 7 Tank Pre-treatment facility, Powder Coating and associated Testing Laboratory to ensure zero defect.

An expansive warehouse with material handling equipment takes care of the Just in Time inventory, right packing with a well-equipped logistics department.

Continual investment in software, be it for CNC Punching, ERP, CAD Drawings or Estimation is a focus in favor of giving our Customers a world class experience.


MODUTEC follows a regimen that combines Lean Manufacturing with the Theory of Constraints. Then in parallel we implement 5S, Kaizen and the Kitting philosophy to ensure that our work in progress is bare minimum.

We conduct Operations meetings every morning in the Shop Floor, to review, clarify and identify constraints. This is supplemented by once in 45 days Strategic Meetings with the core team to discuss breakthroughs, breakdowns and chalk out the way forward for the next 45 days.

Every week the tasks arrived at are followed through and the energy, focus and alignment keeps getting momentum. We record all this in the MODUTEC Way manual which is really our philosophy of working.