MODUTEC 3F Benefit to Panel Builder

MODUTEC 3F Benefit to Panel Builder

Panel Builders worldwide, seek to grow fast, grow profitably and grow in a sustained manner. But alas, very few are able to actualize this Vision!.
Insights in Modular Switchboard Enclosure Systems

Insights in Modular Switchboard Enclosure Systems

Harnessing Power, whether it is Hydro, Wind, Solar or any other source, require Switchboards in Standard and Customized designs, to make this happen.

Leverage Type Tested Modular Switchboard Enclosures

Leverage Type Tested Modular Switchboard Enclosures

The majority of the MV Panel requirement follows a particular rhythm of compartmentalization, of Type Testing as per IEC 62271-200 and then the Internal Arc Test.

Make in india - Modutec

What it takes to transform the “Make in India” initiative

I’ve been a Panel Builder & a Modular Switchboard Enclosure System manufacturer in India with an Industry exposure, of more than 3.5 decades and I tell you, this is no small challenge.

An Entrepreneurial journey - Modutec

An Entrepreneurial journey..the way, the will, and the wonder!

The beauty of seeking individual aspirations, is that it firstly bonds and then clarifies the individual desires and helps in finding synergies for working at peak performance.

Modutec Best Modular Enclosures in india

Modutec to offer world- Class Modular Enclosure system at right price

We intend to position ourselves in this area wherein we are able to give a world-class modular enclosure system at the best possible price.

Enclosure Technology

Every specialization is an ocean. There is so much learning, awareness and execution that is required for manufacturing a panel enclosure.Let’s understand what makes a sheet steel enclosure stand the test of time! What makes it protect the delicate electricals and electronics inside it, or heavy batteries and inverters for that matter?

Modular Enclosure Manufactures - Future of Switchgear

The future of the Panel Building Industry by 2024!

The standard IEC 61439, replaces IEC 60439 and describes the design and the test specifications for low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies. This standard describes the design verification for control gear assemblies and the responsibilities of the manufacturer and switchboard manufacturer.

Form separations in electrical Panel

Forms of Separation in Electrical Panels

One of the major aspects that we come across while reading specifications related to electrical panels or distribution boards is the form of segregation. The major reason for separating an assembly is to provide safe access to a part of the assembly while other parts may remain electrically live and in service.