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By Mr. M. Ramani

Managing Director

MODUTEC Ready Panels Private Limited

Panel Builders worldwide, seek to grow fast, grow profitably and grow in a sustained manner. But alas, very few are able to actualize this Vision!

What generally stops Panel Builders from scaling their operations? What are the challenges to On-Time Delivery and Lead Time Reduction?

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The elements that constrain faster deliveries are:

  1. Switchgear & other BOM – these are under control as multiple options of makes are available in the market and offer choice to the Panel Builder.
  2. Manpower – To be controlled by the Panel Builder with a mix of skilled and semi-skilled, in-house & outsourced in line with the work load booked.
  3. Design – To be controlled by the Panel Builder with a mix of in-house and outsourced to meet the exacting requirements.
  4. Infrastructure – To be controlled by the Panel Builder with a mix of in-house and outsourced based on need and Vendor management.
  5. Enclosure – Here is where the challenge lies, as consistency in quality, on-time delivery and rework due to communication gaps pose a huge problem.


When Enclosure readiness is erratic, timelines shift, causing a reputation loss for the Panel Builder. Further, changes are not infrequent in this Industry and if flexibility in accommodating last minute changes is not there, then again Customer dissatisfaction mounts. With welded Panels modification is always a challenge and the price advantage, if any, gets wiped out with the disadvantage of not being flexible and fast in availability!

So, how does a Panel Builder scale if his timelines are unpredictable! What planning can fall in place if managing the above 5 variants causes a huge challenge? When will profitability become a reality along with, the building of the Panel Builders Brand and his Customer delight? Is there a better way to offer more predictable delivery, quality and even price?

Here, is where Modutec steps in with its Mission of Simplifying Panel Building for the Panel Builder. The concept of market approach, apart from being Type Tested and Switchgear agnostic is to be Faster, Flexible and Fair Priced.


  1. This is achieved through intelligent and user defined standardization. More than 80% of the Panel Builder requirements would fall into these typical dimensions:
    1. Height: Only one height of 2100mm plus base channel / plinth.
    2. Depth: Only two depths of 420mm & 600mm. For greater depths, we will need to go for combinations of 420+420=840mm or 420+600=1020mm or 600+600=1200mm or 420+600+420=1440mm and so on.
    3. Column Width: Options that are modelled as fast moving are 240, 420,540,600,660,840,960 & 1200mm.
    4. Module Height: Options that are modelled as fast moving are 210,240,300,360,420,540,600 & 660mm.
    5. Plinth Height: Base Channel can be 75 or 100mm. Sheet Steel folded plinth is 100mm.

Standard Feeder chart modutec

  1. This empowers the Panel Builder/ Modutec Distributor to keep stock of the fast moving members as above and thus eliminate the Enclosure as being a constraint in scaling the business.
  2. Further, unlike welded Panels, Modular Panels can also allow for supply of the Frame Bar and Cross Bar profiles first with the joiner elements. The frame of the Panel with partitions and Bus Bar supports will help the Panel Builder commence populating the Switchboard, while Modutec attends to his Doors requirements. When the Doors follow in a matter of 10 days or less, the lead time for delivery comes down dramatically, disrupting the way Switchboards are made.


  1. Customers keep tweaking the requirements till the last minute and at times, even after the supply of Panels to site, isn’t it? With Modutec, the punched and pierced profiles, basically support any last minute clamping requirements. Further, all doors are reversible, LHS to RHS and vice-versa!
  2. In an MCC where there could be 4 modules in a vertical; should there be a need to merge 2 modules to form one bigger module or vice versa, it is easily possible and even executable at site!
  3. The Modular Switchboard Enclosure System is adaptable to any make of Switchgear and any combination of Starters etc as required for custom projects. This makes the use versatile and simple at the same time!


  1. Competition for the Panel Builder is fierce, as is a known fact. The route to profitability therefore is to be not just be faster and flexible but also fair priced. The promise of Modutec is to be more economical than Schneider, ABB, Siemens and L&T, IEC enclosure solutions.
  2. When a Panel Builder exceeds his mutually agreed target, signed off as a Modutec Panel Partner, a turnover discount scheme would also be worked out.
  3. Modutec takes care of the mechanicals, while the Panel Builder takes care of the Electricals. Modutec continually invests in R&D, enhancing reliability while empowering price reduction, passing on the ensuing benefit to the Panel Builder.
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