Technical Services

  • Type Test consultancy, training and execution as per IEC 61439 Part 1 & 2 for LV, IEC 60439 Part 1 for Pan Assemblies, IEC 62271-200 for MV and Internal Arc Type Test for LV & MV.
  • Modular Panel Assembly coaching in person, online and by softcopy and hardcopy manuals.
  • Partner orientation programs on Productivity tools like TOC, 5S, 2 Bin System, Kitting methods, ERP software and so on post signing up.
  • Sharing of best practices for Partners in Panel Building with training in the concepts of Temperature rise, Bus Bar Fault levels, Forms of Construction, IP Clause protection, Powder Coating Processes and so on.
  • Sharing of best practices for Partners in running a Panel Building business with the constraints related to changes, stagnation of finished goods, dead inventory, payment blockages and so on.